How many nameservers?

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Mon Feb 2 20:49:32 UTC 2009

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 shulkae <shulkae at> wrote 
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> How may NS entries typically is allowed per zone?

The protocol has no limit. But you may run into problems with old
software which still limits the DNS packets to 512 bytes. See all the
gory details in <>.

> Is there a bind limit

Well, since you cannot be sure of the software that will be used to
talk to your name servers, the problem is not BIND (which handles
EDNS0 for a long time), it is the others.

> We would like to start with around 16 Slaves per master per zone. Is
> this too much?

Why not using anycast instead? 16 is indeed a lot and you will have
trouble finding a zone with as many name servers.

But if you do it, please report it, it would be good news that EDNS0
is at last widely available.

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