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> maybe my first question type was wrong,sorry for terrible!,my question is:
> when i run netstat -an,why my server has some stablished connection with its 
> own ip address through different source port to one client address?
> example:
>      Connected192. 
>      Connected192.      
> Connected
> does it mean that,,client [] at the time of 
> snapshot requests 3 dns queries from my server or something else?

These are most likely queries sent from a BIND9 caching server as part
of recursive name resolution.  They are not 'open' ports, but are
temporarily opened and connected to a specific remote server address
for a particular query.

> can we say the number of recursive-clients after run "rndc status" and
> the output of "netstat -an |grep 53 | wc" point to the same thing 
> (regardless of difference to running time)?

Not necessarily, because if named receives a same query from multiple
clients it combines the query and only sends one query to the remote
server.  Also, there are other queries internally sent from named.

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