Disable cache in bind 9.6

Dmitry Rybin kirgudu at corbina.net
Wed Feb 4 08:51:10 UTC 2009

Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:

> On 04.02.09 11:23, Dmitry Rybin wrote:
>> It's impossible, :-( over 500'000 client use bind and we must use views
>> to split load on another services.

> > Named with JINMEI Tatuy patch:
> > max-cache-size 800M;

> It's way too much, if this applies to all of the 50 views.

Oh! I decrease memory to 16Mb.

> Pardon? Split load? Do you use views to point different clients to different
> server to lower load on them?
> If so, you better should use DNS load balancing or some kind of HW/SW load
> balancer

For first time was DNS load balancing. And after grow clients base we
can use only current scheme. We think about it, but only bind with
current configuration approach to us.

Another variant - powerdns-recursor with LUA scripting. (in testing)

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