Unexpected error question

Cherney John-CJC030 John.Cherney at motorola.com
Thu Feb 5 05:00:15 UTC 2009

I'm seeing the following lines in syslog, which occur when I shut down
general: error: ./main.c:858: unexpected error:
general: error: smf_disable_instance() failed for
svc:/network/dns/server:default : insufficient privileges for action
I'm running 9.3.5-P1 on Solaris 10 x86
I took a quick look at the source code and it looks like there should be
a file and/or filenumber as part of the unexpected error line. I've
noticed the same two lines when I issue an rndc stop. The named process
does stop, but I'm worried that there may be data in the cache that
isn't getting written to the db files. Nothing jumped out at me from my
google search. It seems like I have a file permissions issue, but I
haven't recently changed any file permissions. I don't see any unusual
messages on startup. 
Can someone point me the right direction for this? Is there any other
information I should/could provide?
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