SERVFAIL from validating nameservers for &

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Thu Feb 5 17:54:21 UTC 2009

On Feb 5 2009, I wrote:

>DLV records for & are among the recent
>additions to Using validating recursive nameservers
>running BIND 9.5.1-P1 (configured to trust, I get SERVFAILs
>looking things up in them, although not consistently. This doesn't
>happen with non-validating nameservers.
>I can't work out what is wrong with them. Does anyone else see the
>same effect?

More info about the "not consistently" bit. With nothing about
them in the cache ("rndc flushname") looking up SOA or
NS records for them gives SERVFAIL. But looking up A records does
not, and after that SOA and NS lookups work OK as well.


Chris Thompson
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