Case For Microsoft DNS v. BIND 9 - Or Best Practices For Coexisting

wiskbroom at wiskbroom at
Fri Feb 6 14:25:02 UTC 2009


My site is presently using a product derived from BIND-8 for internal DNS only.

For years our Windows team has been arguing that they want to be non-dependent on the non-MS DNS servers; which they say causes them much grief on firmwide shutdown/bootups. 

Well, their concerns have fallen on ears of those who can make that decision and it now appears as though we must either come up with good reasons why we should retain BIND, or a BIND derived product, or simply a plan to allow MSDNS and BIND to coexist at all.

Can anyone provide me, or point me at, any good docs on this subject, I am certain that their a tons of stuff out there, I need simple, to the point type of stuff.

Also, can anyone think of any good reason why our internal, non-public accessible network, should not just be allowed to run either a mixed BIND/MS-DNs setup?  The slave/cache/whatever-but not master, would have to be BIND. 

The case the windows team made was ease of adding entries, you simply add into the MMC, or even easier, when you join a host into a domain, it adds itself.

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