Case For Microsoft DNS v. BIND 9 - Or Best Practices For Coexisting

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Sun Feb 8 22:25:55 UTC 2009

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> > The case the windows team made was ease of adding entries, you simply
> > add into the MMC, or even easier, when you join a host into a domain,
> it
> > adds itself.
> >
> This is not even true. To add a host to a domain you have to register
> it
> manually, either by going into ADS and adding it or a Domain
> Adminstrator has to enter it on the machine using his/her adminstrator
> password. There's nothing automatic about this.
> Danny

This is getting a bit off topic, but non administrators can by default add a limited number of machines to a domain also.

On topic, I think what they are referring to is simple dynamic updates. For this I would recommend keeping MS DNS for the "internal" DNS. The reason for this is that it is based on Active Directory's multi-master replication which allows any authoritative DNS server to update the DNS record from a client.

We always use MS DNS for AD domains and use BIND for all external lookups. Way fewer headaches and it "just works".


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