bind9 internal/external + dhcp clients - wins

JeffH jjhenze at
Wed Feb 4 13:28:56 UTC 2009

Sorry if this is drifting a little from the group topic – if you know
of a better place to post this question, please let me know.

I’m trying to configure a small DHCP internal network, connected to a
router connected to the internet. I want it so that internally, all
DHCP systems are able to resolve fully qualified names of other
systems. Clients are all DHCP, server(s) is static IPv4. DNS resolves
both internal client to client as well as client to internet. So a
ping to resolves and a ping to
resolves. No WINS server. Main server is an Archlinux box and has
BIND9 on it, simple DHCP is currently handled by the router.

1)	Is this doable? I have already setup BIND9 to resolve to the
internet (seems to work), but not sure how to do the internal piece.
Also currently having the router do DHCP, but I’m guessing I’ll have
to move that to the Linux box to make it all work.
2)	Assuming this is doable (I am assuming it is)
   a.	Do I need DHCP served from the Archlinux box? What package has
the needed features? Or can I get away with keeping it on the router?
   b.	What do I need to do to get DNS working the way I want
(resolving both internal and external names)? Where does it pull the
information about the internal systems? My assumption here is that
since DNS needs to get the names for the internal systems from
somewhere other than a host file, it has to be sent to it from the
client somehow – either by way of DHCP or maybe there is some initial
DNS handshake it does (probably not… just taking a stab). I’m not
looking for anyone to tell me what to specifically put in my config
files, but more what exactly the specific terminology is for the setup
I’m using (example: “Oh, you need a Caching DNS with forwards set, and
a dynamic DHCP setup to point to the DNS. Along with BIND9  you could
use FooBarDHCP to do the job, just make sure to set your DNS in the
FooBarDHCP.conf file”).
I realize that once I have that information I still have a lot of
reading to do to get it setup right, but I just want to know enough to
know what to read at this point.


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