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Chris Thompson cet1 at
Wed Feb 11 15:37:32 UTC 2009

On Feb 11 2009, Johnny wrote:

>   0 1 5060
>   0 0 5060

That's the wrong syntax. I'll assume you mean SRV 0 1 5060 SRV 0 0 5060

>Since "as1" has a higher weight, it will always be picked first by the
>SRV aware client?

Not because it has a higher weight, but because it has an *infinitely*
higher weight.

>I want the devices to ALWAYS go to "as1" and only go to "as2" if "as1"
>is not available.
>Do the above lines accomplish that?

Yes, but in a perverse way, IMNSHO. It's more natural to use priorities
rather than weights, if that's what you want: SRV 0 100 5060 SRV 1 100 5060

That defines a strict ordering. If you had SRV 0 2 5060 SRV 0 1 5060

then a client is meant to try as1 2/3 of the time, and as2 1/3 of
the time. The intended consequences of using a zero weight value
are spelled out in detail in RFC 2782, but there is no need to
rely on them.

Chris Thompson
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