Multiple SOA

Prabhat Rana prana9533 at
Wed Feb 11 20:19:20 UTC 2009

Is it possible to have more than one hosts assigned as SOA in a given zone file?
I have BIND 9.5 and two UNIX hosts as authoritative servers ( and for the domain 
Currently I have host1 as master and host2 configured as slave for In case if host1 is down, I'd like to have just switch it to master my making ca changed in named.conf and not having to touch the zone file. And have host2 continue to respond to queries and also perform zone file transfer to bunch of slave downstream which are configured both host1 and host2 to be master for this doman. So can I have both host1 and host2 as SOA for the zonefile for 
In fact there are hundreds of other zone files for the domains that its auth to. If possible I'd like to have 2 SOAs in all these zone files so that when host1 is down, all I need to do is edit the named.conf file of host2. 



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