Strange results from dnssec-dsfromkey

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Wed Feb 18 12:17:01 UTC 2009

I wrote:

> I don't understand the results I am getting from dnssec-dsfromkey
> (BIND 9.6.0-P1, Solaris 10_x86, Sun Studio 10 C compiler).
> Does dnssec-dsfromkey behave properly for others?

and Mark Andrews wrote:

> Looks like a silly bug that will be simple to fix.

This is just a follow-up to say that ISC have kindly provided me with
a fix that works:

2559.   [bug]           dnssec-dsfromkey could compute bad DS records when
                        reading from a K* files.  [RT #19357]

which will presumably be in the next 9.6.x version.

Chris Thompson
Email: cet1 at

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