rndc stats - 9.5.0-p2

Jeremy C. Reed Jeremy_Reed at isc.org
Wed Feb 18 13:51:14 UTC 2009

On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, Cihan Subasi (Garanti Teknoloji) wrote:

> As you see below the files are dated 15 august, we upgraded our 2 server 
> in august and 2 in november, could it be first 2 servers have an early 
> version of p2 and things are changed after that time in the stats. 
> Because all the file sizes are different compaped to newest servers.

ISC did not release two different versions with identical filename 
nor version numbering.

Again make sure you are really talking to the correct named. Maybe you 
have a rndc.conf file.

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