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On 19.02.09 12:26, Nuno Ribeiro wrote:
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Don't do this. The mailing list and newsgroup are connected.

> There is a CNAME Record "www.example.test.com CNAME ts.example.test2.com"
> in the "example.test.com" zone, which my nameserver is not authoritive. My
> name server is authoritive for "example.test2.com" zone.
> I receive a A query for "www.example.test.com". I send this query to
> external nameservers and discover the CNAME record target is in my zone.
> Is this possible?

Yes, it's possible. They will reply with

www.example.test.com CNAME ts.example.test2.com

If they have recursion or query-cache enabled, they may also respond with
ts.example.test2.com A in answer section and example.test.com NS info in
authority/additional sections
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