Is it possible to set a ddns hostname to access a name-based virtual host?

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Fri Feb 20 13:43:02 UTC 2009

On Friday, February 20, 2009 at 19:51, serge.fonville at wrote:
> Hi,

> Is it possible to set a ddns hostname, say through
> , without using *some_domain* itself, to 
> access this file? 

> Not entirely sure what you are actually trying to achieve.
> Could you provide a concrete example of the situations you are trying to achieve?

Let me give an example to illustrate my problem:

In the following url, the is a name-based  virtual host:

On  the other hand, my institute has subscribed to prola and many other
journals, so I want to use some self-made and easy-to-memory hostnames for
each  of them.  For example, I want to use the following url to access
the above one:

Is this possible?

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