Zone serial not being updated in statistics-channel view of zone

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Sat Feb 21 22:48:07 UTC 2009

	Chris when you see somthing that is obviously a bug in a
	current release please log a bug report.  If you see a bug
	and you are not running a current release please upgrade
	to see if it is fixed, then if it still there please log a
	bug report.  Sending things to bind-users then hoping a
	developer will see the report and log the bug is not the
	optimal way to do things.

	Bug reports can be sent to:

		bind9-bugs at
		libbind-bugs at

	If you send it to the wrong bugs list we can move to the
	correct one.

In message <Prayer. at>, Chris Thom
pson writes:
> I have a dynamically updated zone, dynamic.local.test, on my workstation 
> testbed (BIND 9.6.0-P1, Solaris 10_x86) which has "zone-statistics yes" 
> set. Viewing the statistics at http://localhost:8053 I see under 
> "Zones for View _default"
> dynamic.local.test/IN	IN	2008093007   ...
>                                 ^^^^^^^^^^
> But the current SOA serial is actually
> $ dig +short soa dynamic.local.test
> localhost. root.localhost. 2009022003 21600 3600 864000 10800
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^
> It seems that the serial displayed via the statistics channel is stuck
> at the value when BIND loaded it from the master file at startup time.
> The zone has been updated several times since then, both via nsupdate 
> and by internal re-signing operations.
> The current SOA serials of slaved zones are displayed correctly, whether 
> they have have been updated by IXFRs or AXFRs.
> Have I found a bug? Do others see the same effect?
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