bind 9.60p1 on solaris 10

Gary Mills mills at
Fri Feb 20 13:32:57 UTC 2009

In <gnkslg$3u9$1 at> Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> writes:

>In message <937393c4-77a8-4dba-8a4f-14560c25c6fd at>,
> SN writes:
>> is not being found as a link library.  Trying to
>> run as in a chroot'ed environment on solaris 10 (core install).
>> Kindly advise.

>	Install the package that includes OpenSSL.

The Solaris 10 package is SUNWopenssl-libraries, but that provides
only /usr/sfw/lib/  If bind requires, it's not going to build on Solaris 10.

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