[OT] Is it possible to set a ddns hostname to access a name-based virtual host?

Michael Milligan milli at acmeps.com
Tue Feb 24 06:26:46 UTC 2009

hongyi.zhao at gmail.com wrote:
>> You *must* reference the location using the same URI if you expect to
>> see the same expected results.
> Thanks  for  your  detailed  explanations.  Another issue: what do you
> mean by saying URI?  What's the differences between URI and URL?

Just being more general.  A URL is a HTTP URI... Google has plenty of

>> Regards,
>> Mike
>> PS:  There are other maintenance problems with your approach too, but
> What for example?

This biggest problem is when the IP of the original server changes, you
have to track that and periodically update your name.  Unless you take a
proxy approach.


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