Hostname Naming Compliance

Michael Milligan milli at
Tue Feb 24 06:49:12 UTC 2009

Ah yes, the perennial rathole...

Eric C. Davis wrote:
> I know the option to use this compliance checker is present, but I'm
> curious to know if there are plans to make it mandatory to comply.  We

RFC 1123 has always been mandatory for Internet connected hosts.  Valid
characters for a hostname are very clearly defined in that ancient
document.  Enforcement (or lack there of) is another issue.  DNS is not
the right place to enforce it IMHO, it's a host-level thing, an
operating system thing.  Blame Apple and Microsoft (and others) for not
getting it right, most especially in regards to underscores.  Until they
change, we all are stuck with the mess.


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