empty DoS queries

Frank Kirschner 147859 at celebrate.de
Tue Feb 24 07:34:10 UTC 2009 is a WLAN Router with DNS Cache, WAN=> WLAN, LAN=>local 
network. Normally the Router should cache all queries coming from the 
LAN. I belive, the PC inside the LAN has a virus or trojan and floods 
the WRT router.
I have contacted the user and after disconnet the PC behind, everything 
is allright - crazy world.

best regard

Mark Andrews wrote:
> 	I suspect you have a broken application on
> 	Mark
> In message <70fo2dF49pfpU1 at mid.individual.net>, Frank Kirschner writes:
>> Hello,
>> since last night we log emtpty queries (approx. 4000 per seconds) like 
>> this from a client in our LAN:
>> 23-Feb-2009 13:20:15.516 queries: info: client query: 
>> \(none\) IN A +

>> Additional there are also such log entries, (approx. 4000 per seconds):
>> 23-Feb-2009 14:05:56.464 queries: info: client query: 
>> luca.inetgate.net IN A +

>> What could be the resons for it? Should I investigate and limit the 
>> packet flow by iptables/netfilter on port 53 of my BIND 9, actual 
>> release for Centos 5.2

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