single-character host names

Matthew Pounsett matt at
Wed Feb 25 22:33:34 UTC 2009

On 25-Feb-2009, at 17:14, Evan Hunt wrote:

> Actually, to be lawyerly about it, while RFC952 says you can't have
> a single-character name, it also defines names as including periods
> to delimit domain-name components.  So, "" is really a
> 13-character name, with a single-character component at the beginning,
> not a single-character name.

Serves me right to try to respond off the top of my head without  
checking the reference. :)

You're right, 952 talks about the DOD Host Table, and predates period- 
separated labels forming a FQDN becoming ubiquitous.  Most of what it  
dealt with are single-label names in that host table.

The OP should be looking to RFC1035 section 2.3.1 for the  
specification for modern host names.

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