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> My apologies again, you are correct.  I ran a named -v on the boxes,
> forgetting that we were directly calling bind in a non-path.  We are
> in fact using 9.4.2-P2 on everything, patched to protect against
> kaminsky.  We will look at an upgrade program to get these boxes
> (about 80 servers, unfortunately the majority of our infastructure)
> upgraded to protect against this.
> Are there any suggestions that anyone can provide to mitigate against
> this coming up until such a time that we can upgrade?

- make sure the 'files' named.conf option is set to a small value (the
  default value should be fine)
- unless you need many number of TCP connections (which is unlikely if
  named is caching-only server) decrease the value for
  reserved-sockets (allowable minimum is 128 if I remember it
  correctly, which should be fine)

In addition, if your OS is Linux, the following two *MUST* also be

- make sure named is built with some large number for
- if your named is built with threads, make sure the allowable number
  of open files ('ulimit -n') is sufficiently large before starting

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