ARPA entries for a host with multiple IPs

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Thu Feb 26 09:13:22 UTC 2009

On 25.02.09 00:31, shulkae wrote:
> My customer requested to add multiple IPs to a single name so that he
> can use the round-robin feature of BIND to load-balance the service.
> The entry we added looks something as below:
> # more db.myzone
> ..
> ..
> ws <ip1> <ip2> <ip3>

What is this? some specialized format that is exported to BIND format?

$ORIGIN myzone.
ws	A	a1.b1.c1.d1
ws	A	a2.b2.c2.d2
ws	A	a3.b2.c3.d3

> So when my customer query the ws, he gets one of ipX any any given
> time.

they apparently get all entries but in different order...

> They never requested anything for updating ARPA entries for the above.

You apparently mean "reverse" entries.

> What would be the ARPA  entries for each of these? ip1, ip2 and ip3?
> Can I add 'ws' for each of these?

You can put records into reverse zones:

d1	PTR	ws.myzone.

d2	PTR	ws.myzone.

d3	PTR	ws.myzone.

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