Adding records to a domain I don't control for anyone who uses my nameserver

Brandon Dimcheff bdimchef at
Thu Feb 26 19:09:36 UTC 2009


I'm trying to configure BIND to add some records to a domain that I  
don't control, so that anybody who uses my nameserver will have the  
additional records.  Specifically, I'm trying to add xmpp SRV records  
so our jabber infrastructure that uses our nameserver can contact a  
handful of domains properly.  All other records for the domain should  
work as defined by their authoritative server.


dig @ SRV should return my SRV  
record hosted by my server
dig @ A should return's A record by  
recursive lookup

Does anybody have any suggestions?  I've tried a few different things,  
but none of them seem to have worked.


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