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Fri Feb 27 13:42:16 UTC 2009

RedHat does have prebuilt packages on RHEL5.x.

On my 5.2 server I have:

You can install the latest packages with "yum"

yum install bind-chroot system-config-bind bind-libs bind bind-utils

I'm running the chroot'ed BIND configuration - it isn't required but I'd
recommend it.

I'm not sure any of these have DLZ support built in as I don't use it.
On scanning RedHat's support site I found no mention of DLZ so you may
need to build your own.

FYI:  Although the base BIND version for above packages is 9.3.4 the
RedHat people have backported security fixes from later BIND versions
into their version.

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I have been talked with getting named with DLZ support on Red Hat 5.2  
Enterprise.  I have never worked on Red Hat or with RPM, can someone  
point me to the rpm I need?  Any other basic pointers?

I was thinking to just build it out myself, but if there is a  
confident stable rpm, I might as well learn that as well.


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