Forward Unknown Lookups

Michael Milligan milli at
Fri Feb 27 18:28:11 UTC 2009

Josh Durham wrote:
> Forgive me if this has been asked before -
> I'm trying to set up bind to have A records for a zone, but forward
> requests for that zone to another known server if lookups fail.
> For example, on my server, I would create a record for the zone
> server    IN    A

You can do this by creating multiple zones with these names, so for you
example, you would _not_ create an zone, you would create a
zone for and put in an A record at the apex.  This
way you can override/add names under but have your resolving
server follow the normal resolution path and talk to the
auth servers for other names under, e.g., lookups for

This can cause problems though, if the authoritative server
uses/references any of the names you want to override (like as the
target of an MX record), then the view from your perspective will look
different and may have unintended consequences.  Just think it through
and test if you're not sure.

And don't forget about what you've done when it comes time to
troubleshoot a problem in 6 months!


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