How to configure a webhop with BIND?

Saša Stupar sasa at
Mon Jun 1 16:51:21 UTC 2009

Kevin Darcy pravi:
> Saša Stupar wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I use BIND as a local DNS server for 200 users. Now I am in situation
>> that I need to use a webhop since I need to change listening port on
>> apache to other than 80 ( I have another application which need to use
>> only port 80).
>> How do I configure webhop for my eg. local.domain to local.domain:10080?
> Unless your users' browsers support SRV records (highly unlikely), you
> can't do this with DNS.
> If you can't configure that "other" application to do virtual hosting,
> at least to the extent of performing an HTTP-level redirect to the
> Apache instance, then certain other types of intermediate devices, such
> as load-balancers, can also provide the service as an HTTP-level
> redirect. And then, of course, there is PAT (port address translation),
> implemented on a load-balancer, firewall, or similar device, which
> accomplishes this transparently.
> It might be easier to config another interface on the box and have
> Apache listen on that one. This presumes, however, that the "other" app
> is also configurable to listen only on specific interfaces.
> - Kevin
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Thank you all for your answers.
Yes, I know I can do it with Apache but I had a idea to try with DNS
first. However I never thought about virtual network IP address. This
one solved my problem because now I can add to my DNS server new IP for
the same domain.


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