PTR delegation

Paul Ebersman list-bind-users at
Wed Jun 3 19:20:54 UTC 2009

ScottH> Given an ip of
ScottH> $dig -x
ScottH> 3589	IN	PTR
ScottH> $dig NS
ScottH>	3538	IN	NS
ScottH>	3538	IN	NS
ScottH>	3538	IN	NS

ScottH> This to me looks like in this case is going to control
ScottH> the PTR zones?

Not necessarily. Nacio could be keeping control of the whole zone or
subdelegating parts of that network as it assigns pieces to customers of
theirs (see RFC 2317).

ScottH> I can go to and do a lookup there, and find that I have
ScottH> been dished out a /26, how do I use dig to get that same answer?

Simple answer is that you can't do it all with dig. You need dig and
whois and some poking around.

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