weight for RR

Jukka Pakkanen jukka.pakkanen at qnet.fi
Fri Jun 5 05:49:44 UTC 2009

> Scott Haneda wrote:
>> Maybe cheat with round robin? Add 3 copies of one record and 1 of the
>> other. That should give you 75/25 roughly.
> BIND won't let you do that, it'll throw away the duplicates when it
> loads the zone.
> You need some other piece of software or hardware that can do that
> (insert vendor name here).  Or a BIND patch, e.g, to enhance rrset-order
> {} functionality (I don't know of a public one).  Or use SRV records
> instead if this is for an application you are developing.
> Regards,
> Mike

Or assign three IP:s to other server, and point them all to the www server.

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