Slave DNS disconnect...

Jeff Lasman blists at
Sat Jun 13 04:33:35 UTC 2009

We recently received a /24 from a provider who said they'd delegate rDNS 
authority to our servers: (
and (

But looking at the dig trace (I won't copy it in here) for one of the 
IP#s (chosen at random):

$ dig -x +trace

it doesn't end up at my servers, and I can't see how I can possibly have 

But the provider assures me that they've got others set up exactly this 
way and that they can do rDNS.

I can't, and I can't see how I could.

Can anyone tell me anything I can tell my provider to assure them that's 
something wrong?

Or if not, please tell me that I'm wrong, and I'll figure out why my 
zone isn't working.

(In the meantime we can't send email to a lot of places because or rDNS 
isn't returning anything.)


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