SPF/TXT records

Jeff Lightner jlightner at water.com
Thu Jun 18 16:22:26 UTC 2009

We don't allow "all servers" to send email at all.  They have to
specifically be configured to send and relay to the Exchange server
which itself must be configured to allow them.

The domain, waterinvoice.com is not in general use but is used by one
server (and a test server on occasion) to send automated emails to
customers that request them.  There are no users sending with that
domain except in test scenarios.  

My question actually arose in response to a third party marketing
company that is asking us to set up an SPF record for a third domain we
purchased.  The SPF record for them is fairly straight forward but it
made me wonder if I wanted to implement SPF for internally generated
emails which hosts should be listed.

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It is all too easy for mail marked as from one of your domains to be
forwarded out the other mail server, if your internal mail server lets
every server inside forward mail (e.g., error messages) to it.  Unless
you personally set up mail on all servers, in which case you are a
bottleneck.  I have a similar thing happening when folks from one domain
send e-mail to an old-fashioned alias that just re-sends to all other
members of that alias - and the mail gets rejected by SPF.  This is not
good, and if I don't have control of the originators' SPF records,

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