Zone transfer failing

Chris Buxton cbuxton at
Thu Jun 25 20:13:20 UTC 2009

On Jun 25, 2009, at 11:05 AM, Scott Haneda wrote:
> On Jun 23, 2009, at 11:57 PM, Chris Buxton wrote:
>> No, we have not. However, it appears to be related to the port  
>> being idle for some time. Servers that use their TCP port more  
>> frequently, usually due to having lots of zone updates that need to  
>> be replicated to slaves, don't appear to be affected. You might try  
>> creating a cron job that digs against the TCP port every 5 minutes  
>> to try to keep the port "active" and prevent it from gong deaf.
> If I make a schedule script, any suggestions on which is the best  
> host to query to keep this port open?  Would dig  
> +tcp solve it, or should I hit one of the roots, with them also  
> being highly available as well?

You would want to hit the port itself, so something like this:

dig @my.server +tcp

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