Trouble With One Domain

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Thu Jun 25 22:03:37 UTC 2009

Your name servers are reporting:

The first two are results of CNAMES for and, respectively.  According to RFC 1912 2.4 and RFC 2181
10.3, you ought not to have a CNAME as an entry for an NS record.

If you change the nameservers for at its
registrar to point to and you should be good
to go.


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We own the domain

There are problems accessing this domain from the Internet, and I cannot
determine what the problem is.  I have no trouble from Argonne, as the
domain is slaved on all of my servers.  I do not see any problem with
the delegations, but I may be missing something.  When I go to

it can't find the SOA.  There must be something simple that I am
overlooking.  Thanks.
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