Slave to Win2003 DNS

Jukka Pakkanen jukka.pakkanen at
Sun Nov 1 14:59:55 UTC 2009

Matus UHLAR - fantomas kirjoitti:
> On 31.10.09 12:07, Jukka Pakkanen wrote:
>> Our Bind 9.6.1-P1 Windows servers are slaves to a Windows 2003 DNS  
>> server, zone "company.local".
>> For some reason the slaves don't update the zone unless I restart the  
>> BIND service in the server, and after a while, fail to respond to 
>> queries.
>> Example, after a couple of days since the last restart, the BIND servers  
>> stops responding to queries to "company.local" (SERVFAIL), at the server  
>> I can see that the cache file is not updated since the service was  
>> previously started.  I restart BIND service, and immediately the cache  
>> file is updated, server again responses to queries etc.
>> I suspect this is not a problem in the BIND, but in the Windows 2003  
>> DNS, but any ideas anyway, what to look in the server?  Haven't been  
>> playing with the Windows DNS a lot...
> Is the master updating SOA serial?
It is. And "notify name servers " is  chosen.

Our slave servers are, and  And the 
master win2003 server is  The zone is merinova.local 
and example host xeonx.merinova.local.

At the moment ns3 is not responding to queries to merinova.local.

Also just made few updates to the zone, the serial in the master is 6240 
but the responding slaves ns1 and ns2 still report 6239.

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