Feature request - disable internal recursion cache

Kevin Darcy kcd at chrysler.com
Mon Nov 2 18:40:48 UTC 2009

Dmitry Rybin wrote:
> Kevin Darcy wrote:
>>> Daemon as unbound, pdns-recursor - much faster in recursion queries, 
>>> that bind. :(
>>> _______________________________________________
>> So, you don't cache locally, you forward to another daemon that (in 
>> the best case) answers from *its* cache.
>> How have you improved performance by changing nothing else and adding 
>> a network hop?
> recursion possibilities of bind is very pity in compare with 
> powerdns-recursor, unbound & so on. It allocate a lot of memory and 
> make high CPU usage.
> Sometimes unable change authoritative and recursive IPs.
So, you want to add an operational mode to BIND because you 
mis-deployed/mis-architected something, and are therefore locked into 
using the same IP for recursive and authoritative nameservice?

If you prefer other recursive resolvers to BIND, then go ahead and use 
them, you should have planned ahead and provisioned separate IPs so that 
you'd have that option.

You might be able to deal with your current predicament by selectively 
NAT'ing or PAT'ing incoming recursive queries, to bypass your BIND 
instance, e.g. using the "u32" module of iptables, see, e.g. (for 

But, frankly, anything along those lines would be a kludge.

                                                            - Kevin

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