multiple internal views not working (RESOLVED)

Paul Krash pkrash at
Tue Nov 3 00:42:08 UTC 2009


thanks so much for your help in understanding match-clients in the view 
statement for zones.

For historical purposes (and future searchers) this statement works:

match clients { !10.x.5.0/24; 10.x.0.0/16; }

doesn't serve .5, but serves everything else.

Thank you Mr. Clegg (where do I send that beer? :-)

Now I can have very complex views (coming soon {tm}) and not have to 
worry about those poor folks looking at this two years from now,
when the network has grow into multiple /16s with all the varied 
security that will be necessary when we have more than a basketful
of subnets. :-)

The three step process for 
LDAP+DHCP+LDAP+SAMBA(CIFS)+BIND+NFS+NIS+Kerberos integration with Active 
Directory 2008 without third party tools/helpers:

When I get this working (if it is even possible) I will post a virtual 
appliance, with a complete HOWTO.  I've gotten most of it to work,
the LDAP is particularly fckd, Kerberos key caching on Centos 5.3 
without certificates is troublesome.  Syncing BIND DNS with Active 
Directory seems to work, machine accounts, not so much.

Anyways, thanks for all your help, it was great!


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