ipv6 dns resolution

Kevin Darcy kcd at chrysler.com
Tue Nov 3 18:13:28 UTC 2009

Miyone wrote:
> Hello guys. (I hope this is the right place to ask, otherwise pls. 
> advise me accordingly.)
> I have this problem on my ipv6 network and dns setup and i'll 
> appreciate any input to help me resolve this. My question is: If i 
> point to a subdomain (ex. ipv6.google.com <http://ipv6.google.com>), 
> how do i resolve to its ipv6 address by default?
> To explain further, if I do 'dig' with AAAA RR, it will resolve 
> correctly as expected.
> $ dig @my-dns-server ipv6.google.com <http://ipv6.google.com> AAAA +short
> gives
> 2001:4860:c004::68
> However, if i do 'ping6 ipv6.google.com <http://ipv6.google.com>', it 
> cannot resolve the address.
Try the dig without @my-dns-server. That'll give you a better baseline 
comparison to how ordinary commands like "ping6" resolve DNS from that box.

Also, if you have control of my-dns-server, turn on query logging (if 
not already turned on) and see if you're actually getting AAAA queries 
for ipv6.google.com from the client.

Alternatively, fire up a sniffer or network tracer of some kind.

                              - Kevin

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