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Thank you Mr Mark Andrews for your answer, and yes, I want help. I am sorry
about my first message, I repeat bellow, so I change all's to my real numbers. Thank you one more time, but
i don't understand very well your answers.

You said: Well you don't serve and you don't allow
recursion. You should make yourself a stealth slave for That way reverse lookups will continue to work when
your external link goes down. It will also allow remote tools to not require
recursion to be enabled to find the CNAME records when they query your

So do I must configure the zone as slave in my
named.conf, and in the zone file do I must write the same SOA configuration
of my ISP for this zone with the same serial, mail address, ..... and in NS
records write this?

     IN   NS   ;My ISP name server
     IN   NS   ;My ISP name server
     IN   NS   ;My ISP name server
     IN   NS   ;My ISP name server
     IN   NS   ;My name server # 1
     IN   NS   ;My name server # 2

Is that correct? Because I don't know if my ISP allow transfer a copy of
this zone to my DNS servers, I think is not allowed.

You said: The zone's name is 224/, in not part of the zone.

Why not? If my new ip range address are from to, I
think 224/ include
address. Please explain me more about it?



I use Bind-9.4.2 running on FreeBSD-7.2.

Last week my DNS was reconfigured to a new IP address pool by my ISP and by
me from a /29 to /28 address range.

Using "How is my DNS" I check my domain and all is good except reverse
lookup. My ISP also reconfigured the PTR zone and delegate the reverse zone
like RFC-2317 and this is the change executed by my ISP.

224/28   IN   NS
224/28   IN   NS
225        IN   CNAME   225.224/
226        IN   CNAME   226.224/
227        IN   CNAME   227.224/
228        IN   CNAME   228.224/
229        IN   CNAME   229.224/
230        IN   CNAME   230.224/
231        IN   CNAME   231.224/
232        IN   CNAME   232.224/
233        IN   CNAME   233.224/
234        IN   CNAME   234.224/
235        IN   CNAME   235.224/
236        IN   CNAME   236.224/
237        IN   CNAME   237.224/
238        IN   CNAME   238.224/

I have configured my PTR zone 224/ but, when I test
my PTR zone using "" or "" using default name server I receive
"Queried domain does not exist".

If I test my zone using my name server in this web sites mentioned I

server can't find REFUSED

If I use the syntax: IN PTR

/var/log/messages show

named[38267]: master/db. ignoring out-of-zone data

226 IN PTR

/var/log/messages does not show any messages but when I test my DNS server
from the web sites before mentioned I still receive

server can't find REFUSED

If I modify the PTR zone in named.conf and db file to
/var/log/messages does not show any messages and when I test my DNS server
from the web sites before mentioned I receive a good answer from my DNS

$ORIGIN 224/ does not work

$ORIGIN 6.66.190.IN-ADDR.ARPA. it work

What is wrong?

Why does not work using 224/ zone configuration?

Thanks for your time.

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