Reverse DNS Dig returning PTR results only with trace option

Sven Eschenberg sven at
Tue Nov 10 22:04:29 UTC 2009

Hi Raj,

You could CNAME the needed entries to a new zone, which is then 
delegated. AFAIK DNAME should be possible too.



Raj Adhikari schrieb:
> Thanks Chris for the reply.
> Actually, let me put my question the other way.
> How can one delegate the classless subnet to other DNS?
> Actually, one of our ISP could not delegate classless subnet to our
> server I am trying to help them in delegating the
> classless subnet to us. So this scenario is simulating our ISP and us. I
> was just testing with one of our other subnets checking if delegation
> will work. Unfortunately, we both are using windows DNS. Windows just
> have RFC 2317 way on configuring the delegation on it KB article using
> CNAME, which I think has lots of problems. But I am following this BIND
> way for delegation. I think, in windows the DNS configuration is more or
> less similar to BIND.
> In this scenario, lets say is my ISP and
> is us. owns and
> take a subnet 134.224/28 from them. So isn't
> there a way for to delegate the subnet to
> Do again have to talk to their
> upper ISP to delegate directly to us? What if upper ISP also need to ask
> their upper tier ISP. It seems I am lacking some basic concept here
> about the owner of the subnet. If a true owner delegates the subnet to
> its client ISP, can't this ISP again delegate the classless subnet agin
> to its client ISP?
> Thank you,
> Rajendra Adhikari
> Chris Hills wrote:
>> On 10/11/09 18:25, Raj Adhikari wrote:
>>> Now I can do a dig for an hour or so. But again I run into same problem.
>>> It wont return PTR record unless I explicitly do dig on
>>> Also, the last did showing as Authority NS for this IP.
>>> But trace showing as final sender.
>>> Could someone shed a light on this?
>>    86400   IN      NS      NS3.MCLEODUSA.NET.
>>    86400   IN      NS      NS1.MCLEODUSA.NET.
>>    86400   IN      NS      NS2.MCLEODUSA.NET.
>> ;; Received 112 bytes from in 173 ms
>> 7200 IN    NS
>> 7200 IN    NS
>> ;; Received 90 bytes from in 159 ms
>> 3600 IN    NS
>> 3600 IN    NS
>> ;; Received 160 bytes from in 167 ms
>> You should not chain a delegation in this manner. Either make the
>> servers and authoritative for
>> or have your ISP change the NS records to
>> point directly to and
>> The cyzap servers do not respond with the
>> authority bit set ("aa" in dig).
>> Regards,
>> Chris
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