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> I think between Stephane's test app and some snoop data I have a better
> idea of what is going on.  It seems as if the local resolver starts by
> issuing ipv6 requests to the three name servers mentioned in resolv.conf. 

Do you mean that it's issuing requests using IPv6, or it's using IPv4 to 
send requests for AAAA records?

> The first two valid DNS servers (not  configured for ipv6) each respond
> back stating they are not authoritative for the domain in question causing
> the subsequent servers to be queried.  The resolver finds itself querying

Which servers are you talking about now, the servers in resolv.conf, or 
the servers for the domain you're querying?  The latter should not 
respond that they're not authoritative.  Authority is not specific to IP 
versions, it just goes by names.  A server is either authoritative for or it isn't, it can't be authoritative for's IPv4 data 
but not for its IPv6 data.

> the third bogus name server and has to wait for the 5 second time out.  The
> resolver then repeats the whole process for ipv6 adding another 5 seconds
> to the delay (total of 10 now).  The resolver then finally starts the whole
> process again for ipv4 and gets the proper answer with the first query.

If you're not actually using IPv6, you might consider disabling it on 
your system.  That should stop all the unnecessary v6 lookups.

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