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Laurent CARON lcaron at
Thu Nov 12 09:06:28 UTC 2009

On 12/11/2009 00:32, Błażej Ślusarek wrote:
> Hi,
> first of all thanks to everyone for the interest and for pointing me
> out my mistakes :) I've already changed recursion and transfer to
> trusted acls. But unfortunately, I've been administering this server
> for a short time and as I'm reading more and more through the
> configuration, I'm starting to think that this DNS server is
> completely misconfigured. Before I ask my next question, I'll try to
> explain my situation a little:
> The server I'am administering is one of nine, let's say, "units",
> which are parts of bigger organization (let's say, it
> doesn't really matter). They units are given domain names from
> to Each unit's server
> is responsible for their subdomains, i.e.,
>, and so on... At the same time, they should
> be synchronized with the main dns server of the organization, let's
> say, and also act as a dns server of it's own,
> providing information about i.e. for first, *
> I think my "name cannot be resolved after some time" problem
> (NXDOMAIN, I've checked it) lies somewhere in the synchronization
> part. I'll post a part of my zone file, which is responsible for the
> domain and which is, I think, the source of this problem:


Are zone transfers completed over a VPN ?

If yes, are you sure the slaves are reachable ?

No evil packet filtering ?


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