How to find out DNS Server version ?

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at
Fri Nov 13 14:52:27 UTC 2009

    you can always try:

dig   version.bind   chaos   txt

which would return something like:

;version.bind.                  CH      TXT

version.bind.           0       CH      TXT     "djbdns 1.05"

    (sorry for the djbdns .... i found no bind that allows that for 
examplifying it :)   )

    the big problem here is that DNS servers, quite usually, do not 
accept this queries or, in some other quite usual configuration, change 
the text for some generic string, which can be easily done in BINDs for 

version.bind.           0       CH      TXT     "version goes here"

    there's absolutely no guaranteed way of getting the correct version 
running on DNSs server you have no admin access. The only guaranteed to 
work 100% of the simes still seems to be the 'named -v' on the machine's 

Tibo escreveu:
> Hello !
> I have a little problem :
> We have 4 little datacenters over the world.
> I would like to check if all DNS servers are up to date but only people
> responsible of a datacenter can access their servers for security 
> reasons.
> I know some tools on the net can do that but it's not easy for me and
> I'd like to automatise all of that.


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