confused wiht the full resolver and stub resolver

aihua zhang aihua9 at
Mon Nov 16 07:35:08 UTC 2009

      here is my understanding about the stub resolver and full resolver:
         stub resolver,used by client and independent name server.
application will call the routine of the lwreslib(such as
lwres_getrdatabyname()) and the lwresd will handle the request using the
lightweight protcol. when lwresd received the request it will render it and
 send it to the name server listed in the resolv.conf. here is my confused:
          1. I find the helper document written:"the full resolver is part
of the caching name server or reolver demon the stub resolver talks to " ,
 can i unstand  all request from the stub resolver handled by  the full
resolver in the name server . if not which module handle this kind request
          2. if the request tackle by the full resolver , the client.h of
the named module handle which type?

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