confused wiht the full resolver and stub resolver

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Nov 18 00:06:35 UTC 2009

In message <396EF6ED-A5A2-4C55-AFD4-496B8527865D at>, Chris Buxton writes:
> On Nov 16, 2009, at 11:46 PM, aihua zhang wrote:
> > HI,
> >       Thanks for your help! Now I'm analysis the lib function 
> providing by the bind . bind software has three data format:struct
> format, wire format and the text format, from my understanding, it
> presents the RR in different three them text format is the
> string type storing in the db,   but i don't understand the wire format
> ,is that mean the data receive from the network and storing in the
> buffer ? and another question is struct format using environment is what
> ?
> This is mostly beyond my expertise, but I guess that wire format is the
> binary format used in the UDP packet. Struct format probably relates to
> the return value of the stub resolver library functions.
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The text format is what is in master files and is what dig displays.
This is standardized.

The wire format is what is sent between machines.  This is also how
named and libdns store records internally with all compression
pointers expanded.  This is standardized.

The struct format is a way to break down individual records into
their components if they are known.  This is useful for C programs
that need to examine specific fields.  This is not standardized.

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