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> > Hi all,
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> > Most of our internal DNS zones are mastered in Microsoft DNS (2k3 R2) as AD
>  Integrated zones.  Currently, those zones are slaved from a single MS DNS se
> rver to our BIND 9 servers that handle recursion.  Is there a reliable way to
>  use multiple masters when slaving AD Integrated zones to BIND?  
> > 
> > In the O'Reilly book "DNS on Windows Server 2003" a section on p. 324 calle
> d "BIND Secondaries for Active Directory-Integrated Zones" says serial number
> s can vary on otherwise synchronized MS DNS Servers, potentially causing a se
> rver to respond with an incorrect lower serial number.
> Hello Jim,
> The book is correct. Furthermore, if using multiple AD servers as masters, th
> ey can apply updates in different orders, so the IXFR mechanism breaks.
> I believe the only way to make this work would be to use the statement "multi
> -master true;" inside your zone statement. My understanding is that named (th
> e slave) will not compare versions between the two servers, essentially treat
> ing each DC's copy of the zone as separate and distinct. Thus, if it has to s
> witch over to the second-listed master, it will request a full zone transfer 
> rather than an IXFR.

multi-master true; still assumes correct zone serial number
maintenance.  It just prevents the warnings about serial number
going backwards which is a normal side effect of having multiple
masters vs a master with multiple addresses.
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