Insecure response BIND 9.7.0b2

Mark Andrews marka at
Thu Nov 19 22:27:35 UTC 2009

In message <alpine.LFD.2.01.0911191304100.24071 at>, David Forrest w
> Logged: 
> Nov 19 12:13:45 maplepark named[23329]:   validating @0x17b7980: 
> SOA: got insecure response; parent indicates it should be 
> secure
> What does this mean?

It means named fellback to making a plain DNS query due to multiple
timeouts, or getting a SERVFAIL response to the EDNS queries, or
something stipped out the RRSIGs or there was a attempt to poison
the cache.  The validator then rejected the answer as it knew it
should be getting a secure response.  In most cases named will re-do
the query and get a good answer unless there is a configuration failure.

Unfortunately there are nameservers that don't respond to EDNS
queries.  There are also firewalls that block DNS/UDP responses
bigger 512 bytes or block EDNS queries/responses 10 years after the
introduction of EDNS.  There are also middleware that blocks/drops
DNS/UDP responses that are fragmented.  All of these things result
in DNS lookups timing out which is indistinguishable from plain
packet loss.

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