caching problems with bind 9.4.3

Gil Vidals gvidals at
Fri Nov 20 16:57:41 UTC 2009


I have a master and slave running bind 9.4.3, and there is a problem with
the outside world resolving new domains that I add to my name servers. Here
is the sequence:

1) add new domain
2) dig shows matching SOA and correct zone info.
3) wait two days
4) check a random name server such as openDNS and results are wrong - only
about half of their name servers have the correct info.
5) restart named on my master and slave
6) re-check openDNS and voila! everything is good.

Is this a caching issue that requires restarting named daily? What changes
in the config files can I make to solve this issue?

Gil Vidals, VCP
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