DNSSEC validation works with DLV, but not with just trusted-key

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Wed Nov 25 22:29:22 UTC 2009

In message <200911252202.nAPM2aSg000441 at drugs.dv.isc.org>, Mark Andrews writes:
> Or one could use DLV to provide the trust linkage.
> dnssec-tools.org.dlv.isc.org. 3499 IN   DLV     54556 5 1 11A4026F4E09B1C106AAF3AC81A37AA537B8A3E6
> dnssec-tools.org.dlv.isc.org. 3499 IN   DLV     54556 5 2 6B026928292D452A5CC37B3EF327F27F50A29936CB31E664EB066D71 A476E
> 282

Should have read the subject more closely. :-)

In any case as Alan said, there needs to be a trusted path from a
trust anchor to the data.  DLV provides that trusted path.  ORG
will soon once they leave the "friends and family" stage.

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