Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sun Nov 29 18:30:05 UTC 2009

Doug Barton wrote:
> Pamela Rock wrote:
>> For all it's worth, using wireshark, I can see IPv6 UDP queries successfully traversing in/out.  Ping6 works successfully.  There is no firewall running anywhere(IPv4 or 6).  Still get.... 
>> [root at dig-client ~]# dig -6 a test.domain @bindserver6 +tcp
>> socket.c:4922: 22/Invalid argument
>> dig: isc_socket_connect: unexpected error
> Ok, when you're using wireshark do you ever see TCP6 packets leaving
> the box? Can you connect between machines using TCP6 for anything
> else? And, what OS(es) are you using?

You won't get much from wireshark, dig is complaining about the
connect() function and there being something wrong with one of the
arguments. The 22 is the error code and the part after the slash is the
error message matching 22. It is possible that the socket being used is
of the wrong type for the address being connected to. If the socket
opened is an IPv6 socket and the obtained address for the nameserver
being queried happens to be an IPv4 address you could get this behavior.
Does bindserver6 have an A address as well as an AAAA address for the


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