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I read more times /usr/share/doc/bind9/README.Debian.gz but named.conf.local is never quote.
In this file there are written small info about db.xxxx files.
I'd like having more info about foe example db.0 file, if it's necessary to change it or it's standard file...
Where can I find complete documentation ?

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> 1- difference among named.conf and vs named.conf.local

named.conf.local is a Debianism: using the ability of BIND to include
config files from config files, Debian includes this named.conf.local,
where you can put local statements. The idea is to make easier for the
packaking system to modify the files. Did you READ this file, by the
way? It is clearly explained:

// Please read /usr/share/doc/bind9/README.Debian.gz for information on the 
// structure of BIND configuration files in Debian, *BEFORE* you customize 
// this configuration file.

% dpkg -s bind9
 /etc/bind/named.conf 254230570a543e869ac34025f4442964
 /etc/bind/named.conf.local fb15a27656eafd86ff870effabc72f1e
 /etc/bind/named.conf.options 0367900f381d5c83cf34009440f3d211

> 2- the standard files (db.0 db.127 db.255 db.empty db.local db.root
> ) have not to be changed from administrator when He is installing
> Bind ? I have to create only zones for my domain ?

Again, READ the file /usr/share/doc/bind9/README.Debian.gz, whose
section "Configuration Schema" explains all that.

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