9.2.2 vs 9.5.1

Riccardo Castellani ric.castellani at alice.it
Wed Sep 9 17:00:18 UTC 2009

I'm using 3 dns servers with Bind bind-9.2.2.P3-9

Master A (domain1 + domain2)
Slave B (domain1)
Slave C (domain2)

Now I'm migrating master A to Bind 9.5.1.dfsg.P3-1 together OS (Debian 
Lenny) so I'm interesting to know if there is some incompatible settings 
from/to slave servers.
For example in slave B,C there is no setting about "auth-nxdomain directive" 
while in server A I found set "auth-nxdomain no"; I have to specify in 
server A these 2  options to permit only zones transfer to these only 2 
servers ?

allow-transfer { IpServerB }
allow-transfer { IpServerC } 

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